Sun School Mural class

We have completed our Sun School mural class at the James John Elementary school. We utilized the gracious Moonifest micro grants for the supplies and met up with kids every Monday to complete a mural, which is now hanging in their cafeteria. Our class had around 9 eager and imaginative kids who decided on a ‘green’ themed mural. They wanted to promote sustainable living and encourage their class mates to do so as well. It was a success and we had a blast painting,drawing, and creating. The kids presented the mural, which was on a large framed wooden board , to the James John principal last week. We used wood, oil colors, tons of brushes, and large markers, as well as mural sized sketches. Art Seed could not have done this without the kindness of the Sun School program, our assistant Genevieve, and the generosity of Moonifest.

Thanks so much for all involved,


Art Seed


James John Sun School

Through out the month of January, Art Seed will be facilitating a mural with the children from the James John Sun School Program. We will be using our Moonifest grants to supply all of our material needs and will be completing the project with the schools ‘Green Team’ students as well as others. We are excited to have an extended amount of time to plan with the students to create a mural in which they are a great part of designing as well as executing. We say let the imagination grow!!


Moonifest grants!!!!

Art Seed is proud to announce that we have received 3 micro grants from Moonifest. We are so delighted!! We plan to use these grants to fund the George Park renewal project. Works have been underway, but getting approved from the city is alot of paperwork, so the project is still underway. In the mean time we are continuing setting up murals with local schools.

If there are other projects we should be aware of or one you would like to initiate, please let us know.

Moonifest Grant Award Badge

much art love,

Art Seed