About Art Seed

Art Seed is an organization based out of the St Johns neighborhood of Portland, OR.  Our mission is to add art to communities while supplementing school aged children’s art education. The current Portland School System does not include art as a routine part of their curriculum.  Art Seed believes the Arts are an integral part of the learning process, as well as of society and our communities.

The name Art Seed came about because we use art donated by local artists to raise money for art development opportunities for the community. In other words, we use existing art as the seed to cultivate more art.  Our funding also comes from financial contributions, material and supply donations, as well as partnerships with local businesses.

Our first completed project, a mural on the Tulip Bakery in downtown St. John’s, held two silent art auctions at local restaurants, as well as a music benefit, to raise money for supplies. We also received donations from local businesses such as Miller Paint and Interstate Rentals.  During the week of April 26th, 2010, local artist and Art Seed co-founder, Megan Denton, teamed up with kids from the St Johns Community Center to paint the mural. The kids were imaginative and enthusiastic about painting and did an amazing job. The mural is a success and is very well received by the neighborhood.

Art Seed is setting it’s sights a future George Park renewal project this fall, and is in talks with Sitton Elementary and Roosevelt High School about other potential projects.

For more information about the Tulip Bakery mural, or other projects soon to come, please contact houve@yahoo.com.

Much art love to everyone,

Art Seed


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